Painting the Moon


This week I played with my artist's masking fluid for preserving the moon and stars in this one, and our artist girl when she was just in sketch form.

"Would That I Could Paint the Moon"

It's a little bent because I forgot about the whole tape it down rule, but a frame would set it right just fine. The scenery was created with just a cheap set of water colour paints, a white ink uniball to add the tiniest stars, and the artist girl with Faber Castell PITT pens in both sepia and sanguine, and Copic markers. I have a mix of Ciao and sketch, and I have a lovely collection so far, but there's no such thing as too many, right? I've still got a list for more to capture into my artistic lair.

The bullet journal adventure is coming soon! I've been preparing extensively, with a gillion things pinned on my pinterest account, I've drawn up different layouts on loose paper to see what works for me, and a document full of notes to boot. I am so looking forward to having organisation in a beautiful form to keep me going in the months of this year where art will be hard to fit in to my schedule. I'm going to play around with making a cardboard template of my preferred layout for the weekly pages, just to be able to lay down the outlines for each section quickly.

I'll share some links to sites I've found helpful re bullet journaling in my next post.



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