Art x Nart Begins

Like Batman. But with art supplies. And a significant deficit in terms of financial resources.

Thinking about it I have almost nothing in common with Batman. But look, paint splatters!

So original, right? I would be so innovative if this was 2005.

I'm a thirty year old student, wife, and mother, about to kick off her first bullet journal to keep some sanity in what is set to be a busy year. I need to finish up my degree this year, and quite frankly if I don't 'schedule' everything to keep my family life and study life in order, while still getting to play with art supplies and stationery to de-stress, my head will explode, The Joker will take control of Gotham and all of my art supplies will scream in tiny unison.

I do a lot of art and craft, and every year or so my head is turned and I find a new form that consumes my imagination and free time, but that doesn't at all mean I lose interest in the art forms of my past.  I feel like somehow, one day, they might all come together, and culminate in something great.  Or maybe they're all just training, on a long artistic journey to another art form, or simply to accumulate beautiful things and experiences.

Whatever the answer, artistic expression for me is like drinking water or taking my vitamins. Without art I wither, first mentally, then emotionally, then physically.

I know when people talk to an artist they ask things like 'how would you describe your style?', and I'm not claiming that I am an artist.  Perhaps I'm just a creative type, experimenting with colour in various formats, because my 'style' has no pattern or theme.  The only commonality from something created in one medium to another is the clumsy hands that made it and the possibly-put-in-upside-down brain that thought it up.

Regardless, I will come here to share my efforts, and my first bullet journal experience, and I'm toying with the possibility of attaching a little etsy shop to this site, we'll see, perhaps I'll field for interest in a future post.

I would like to share this journey with anyone who appreciates beautiful, or weird, or funny things, and I'd love to see the work of other art makers and crafters out there. I hope you'll stick around and join the beautiful fun.

x Nart.


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