The End is Nigh

Hi! This blog has moved, if you want to keep up with Renata Clarke's (aka Nart, or artxnart) art journey, head on over to the new location:
This site will be deleted in one week :)

Moving On...

I have some news for you - it's time for me to move my blog to another site. So I'm going to have to put a lot of time into the new site, moving posts across is not going to be easy or fun but I want to move it all over so I can close this one down for good at some point - and when I do rest assured I will be informing you here and then leaving this site up for a few weeks after that.

I appreciate the service that blogger has provided up to this point, and I will be leaving my old blog up and running as it still gets a lot of traffic and I don't really need to work with the system much so nothing is going to change over there.

I've started tinkering with the new site and I'll let you all know when it's up and running.

For now, here's a drawing of a hippopotamus in hula gear saying "Aloha" to blogger because I'm leaving but not on the other blog so goodbye but also not goodbye.

And I graduated fr…

Sunflower - I am officially obsessed

...with this toned tan paper. I don't know what it is, it just inspires me every time I open to a fresh page! I drew this because it's my son's favourite flower (yes, boys can have a favourite flower too) and he had his birthday earlier this week for those that don't know us and don't follow the instagram page.

And I love them too of course, they're in my top ten for sure and I've been meaning to grow some. There are so many blooming at his school at the moment which is fantastic. For the centre of the flower I used a combination of copic markers and a dark sepia PITT pen by faber castell, and I lined the petals, leaves and stems with Triplus fineliners. The centre was my favourite part to draw because I made intricate little patterns.

I tried a slightly different outline technique on this one but it's not showing very well in the photos for some reason. I went over the white outline with yellow around the flower and green around the stem and leaves, a…

Sleeping Bear Cubs and Breaking My Own Rules

That's right, I've broken my own rules. I'm just not enthused by foot anatomy drawings, no one is holding me accountable and I'm feeling rebellious. Take that past me!

I actually now have two projects now, so maybe we can say that anatomy studies are on hold while I let inspiration flow. One of the projects is something I'll be sharing here probably in a few weeks or maybe a month, but the other one is a big deal and I've decided I won't share it here is finished or...stuff...but I'm having fun.

Look! Baby animals!

This is based on a reference image from google images, I can't remember why I was looking at bear cubs but I had to draw this one instantly, I sketched it out quickly several days ago and then inked it today. I hope the link above works, but if not I've gone all academic on you and put the official reference down below because I want to give credit to the photographer.

I have seen other artists playing with the toned tan p…

Tea Turtle

I got some tanned tone paper! It's a small book of the Strathmore brand, and I've only drawn one thing in it, but I turtle-y love it (har-har).

I love her so much! And my favourite thing about having drawn it on this paper is it looks like she's swimming in tea, so it's just perfect.

Here's an upside-down shot of the cup so you can have a look at the design without giving yourself a head rush.

It's simple, it's bright, and oh so cute.

I am impressed with the performance of copic markers on this paper, I'm going to make a little swatch page so that I know which pens work on the toned paper and which don't. And I used my finepoint white Posca pen for the white details, which just worked beautifully.

And I used my first Copic brand fineliner for the line art - a 0.3 pen in the colour "wine" which I am loving so far.

Tea is my preferred beverage, head and shoulders above all the rest. In many many flavours. And I have this weird inexplicable …